A magical symbiosis of light and horses

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The shining highlight in Munich

Enter a breathtaking world full of fascinating light and enchanting magic!

LUMAGICA, the fairytale forest of lights, will open its doors at CAVALLUNA Park Munich from the end of October. More than 300 handmade, luminous objects and installations await visitors on a 1.5-kilometre-long circular path. Immerse yourself in abstract elements and interactive light productions that invite you to linger and participate. In the CAVALLUNA Park, the theme of horses takes centre stage and is staged in a fascinating way.

Let yourself be enchanted – welcome to LUMAGICA Munich!


Magical HighLIGHTS

LUMAGICA begeistert Besucher*innen mit interaktive Lichtinszenierungen, welche animieren, das Licht selbst zu beeinflussen.

Exciting interactions

Interactive light productions that encourage you to influence the light yourself. Try it yourself!

LUMAGICA Lichterparks bringen besondere Locations zum Leuchten. Wie der LUMAGICA Lichterpark in Hattingen.

Cool photopoints

Discover the fascinating Photopoints & get photographed with exciting photo motifs and light installations.

LUMAGICA Lichterparks laden ein magische Fotomotive festzuhalten

Magical indoor staging

The mystical UV world will cast a spell over you. Be curious about the unique installations and let yourself be surprised.

LUMAGICA light parks

Experience LUMAGICA and let yourself be enchanted

With the LUMAGICA light parks, the magic of true light experiences meets the mystique of unusual places: It is moments full of fairytale surprises that LUMAGICA brings forth.

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